Place: Smokey Bear Historical Park

Location: Capitan, New Mexico

Person interviewed: Aron Suren, Owner, Smokey Bear Motel

Land and Water Conservation Fund

How this site benefits you and your community:

Smokey Bear Historical Park is an incredible draw for kids and families who want to learn the story of such a well-known figure for preventing forest fires.  Because of the Land and Water Conservation Fund, this park is one of the many attractions that encourage people to travel to Capitan.  At Smokey Bear Hotel, we welcome many repeat guests who want to enjoy a great alternative to the traffic and hectic pace of living in the city, and a wonderful experience in rural New Mexico.  

As the owner of this hotel for 10 years, having Smokey Bear Historical Park is a great way to also introduce people to our beautiful area, including the Lincoln National Forest and to the town of Capitan.  When we are able to host Smokey Bear Days in May, my hotel is completely filled. This is so vital for my business, and showing off our hometown pride to tourists from all over the world is priceless.”

Smokey Bear Historical Park