Place:  Bob Forrest Youth Softball Complex

Location:  Carlsbad, New Mexico   

Person interviewed:  Ted Cordorva, Superintendent, Bob Forrest Youth Softball Complex

How this place/site benefits you and your community: Twice a year, this complex hosts regional tournaments that bring in a few thousand people to Carlsbad.  33 teams participate in the tournaments, bringing with them their families, coaches, and other relatives, to watch their young person play baseball.  They typically drive their RV’s, which can be stationed here at the complex, and go grocery shopping in our stores and eat at our restaurants.

In addition to the tournaments, this complex is used all year long.  With 7 softball fields and 20 baseball fields, 5 soccer fields, and more, it is a fantastic example of this community’s strong support for youth sports. Team practices take place almost every evening where you will see boys and girls running the bases and hitting balls while their families sit on the sidelines watching.  It’s a great gathering place for our residents and visitors to our community.”