Place:  Alameda and Washington Parks

Location:  Alamogordo, New Mexico   

Person interviewed:  Eric Marion, Alamogordo Parks Supervisor

How this place/site benefits you and your community: The Alameda and Washington Parks are very important for the residents of Alamogordo.  In Washington Park, we have a large picnic area, a hockey rink, practice soccer fields and a great skate park.  In Alameda Park, we have our popular small railroad, disc golf, and great places to picnic and play.  Our residents use these parks extensively as they are great places to recreate, have gatherings, and to just be outside.  The soldiers at nearby Holloman Air Force base are big supporters of our parks and often volunteer at events and help with park cleanup.

If you had the opportunity to use new LWCF funds, what would you do?:  Update the infrastructure in the park, add new lighting for visibility, apply new paint to existing structures, update the original infrastructure, and improve the irrigation systems.